Infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce, and the single most stressful and damaging thing that can happen in a relationship. If you’re married and suspect infidelity, it’s a tough situation to find yourself in — what should you do? How do you get proof? Should you hire a private investigator to find out the truth? If you know for a fact the affair is going on, do you still need to hire a private investigator? The hope is by the time you’re done reading this, these questions will have been answered for you.

The big question remains: Should you hire a private investigator?

If you have cause to believe that your spouse is cheating, hiring a private investigator is a big step — in most cases, a big step in the right direction for both legal purposes and personal. Legally, gathering evidence of your spouse’s affair is helpful in divorce proceedings. In Tennessee you can still file an “at Fault” divorce case in which evidence to prove infidelity as the reason for the divorce will be vital to your case. Here are some other legal reasons to hire a private investigator for your infidelity case:

  • Prenuptial Agreements: A pre-nup agreement that contains an infidelity clause can influence how marital assets are divided up during the divorce. Many prenuptial agreements require the unfaithful spouse to be financially penalized in divorce.
  • Money Spent on the Affair: in some cases, if a guilty spouse has spent significant marital assets on the affair, the court will sometimes force them to pay a financial penalty during the division of assets in a divorce

There are also personal reasons why it would be valuable for you to hire a private investigator when you suspect a cheating spouse. Typically, we see two reasons why a spouse hires us for an infidelity situation that isn’t legally motivated. Whether a person is planning to divorce or not, many times a partner is just looking for peace of mind and answers. These reasons are always doubts or fears they have about their relationship. Either the person has been cheated on before by their partner and they again have suspicions they need answers to, or family or friends doubt their spouse’s faithfulness. Hiring a private investigator puts the situation into a professional’s hands to give you, and anyone else who needs proof of what is truly going on. It’s best to hire a private investigator and have peace of mind, either way, than to keep on suspecting and allowing the doubt to cause more issues than to have answers from a trained professional private investigator.