When you realize that someone you love is missing, it’s devastating — we understand. Let me begin by saying if your loved one was kidnapped or abducted, calling the law enforcement is the first step to take. Though private investigators can help in these situations, most often we get hired to help people find someone who has skipped town or someone they’ve lost touch with. One of the best steps you can take in trying to locate someone is to call a licensed and professional Private Investigator. The quicker you hire a Private Investigator, could mean the quicker your individual is returned home, and your questions are answered. There are a few things you should know when hiring an experienced and licensed private investigator to find a missing person.

When you hire a private investigator for a missing persons case initially a few things are super important. Any PI is going to need to have access to as much information as possible about the missing person. The more information you can have prepared to give them, the better. The most important information to initially collect would be the person’s name, date of birth, social security number, and last known address. Additional important information, if you have it, would be any previous or current phone numbers, list of friends or enemies, favorite hangout spots, typical schedule or last known work places, photographs, license plate numbers, etc. The more information you equip your private investigator with, the more efficient he/she will be at doing their job.

Private Investigators have access to many resources that the general public does not, including databases of public records and information, not to mention the experience and skills, necessary to know how to search for missing persons. To find a missing person, a professional private investigator will employ various investigation techniques including, background checks, surveillance, and computer forensics. Private investigators also know other private investigators and will often use their network to see if there are any leads or additional information.

The phrase “missing persons investigations” does make one think of stories of kidnapping and victims of abduction, and private investigators help with those too, but a missing persons investigation can be applied to many other situations. Possibly a long lost love, an estranged family member, an old friend, biological parents, runaway teen, etc. At Rhino Surveillance we have the experience necessary to help locate your loved one, or person of interest — no matter what the circumstances are of your missing persons investigation, fill out our form here or give us a call today to discuss your missing persons together, let’s bring them back home.