Child custody issues are generally the most contested part of any divorce. Dealing with child custody issues is highly emotional and a tough time for any family. Hiring a private investigator to assist in this time can be very beneficial; our private investigators are highly trained in gathering facts that can help provide you and your attorney the evidence needed to support your legal case and secure your future with your kids. Rhino Surveillance PI’s have extensive experience in dealing with child custody cases – we take the time to listen to you and keep you involved in the process.

In the state of Tennessee the family court system requires you to first try mediation with your former spouse or partner to make decisions on your own regarding the custody of your children. From our experience getting things solved and agreed upon in mediation is, generally speaking, the way to go. That means you need to be prepared going into mediation with the evidence you need to support your proposed parenting plan – Rhino can help!

Hiring a professional at Rhino Surveillance can aid you in making sure you’re as prepared as you need to be going into your mediation or court date. Whether you suspect neglect, abuse, bad parenting, or the other parent not spending the time with the kids that they say they are – being able to prove those things matters. Family court is a lot of his word against hers and a lot of times because of this it’s about who has the most compelling argument. You may believe that you have evidence or that how you can tell the story is stronger than what the other parent has on you. However, when a judge looks at it, objectively, they look at the facts. Having detailed surveillance, background checks and the hard facts, that hiring a private investigator can provide you with, takes your words and validates them. No longer is it your word against theirs, it’s facts against words and facts win cases.

A case we worked on recently involved a dad who suspected his children’s mother of violating the outlined orders from the judge at the beginning of their divorce process. He hired us quickly upon his suspicions and within a short period of time under surveillance had her on camera doing things she should not have been doing. When he went into mediation and presented this evidence, opposing counsel basically had no choice but to settle in mediation and our client, Dad, was awarded (PRP) Primary Residential Parent. You can watch his testimonial video here.

If you are dealing with any of these factors you should give us a call today and discuss if hiring a PI could dramatically help your case and secure your rights and custody of your children.

  • Suspected Abuse
  • Suspected Neglect
  • Suspected Drug Use (especially around your children)
  • Suspected Excessive Drinking on Parenting Time
  • Suspected Smoking in the house or car with children
  • Suspected Dangerous Persons around your child
  • Suspected Violation of any court orders
  • Suspecting The Other Parenting isn’t spending their time with the child
  • Suspecting Inappropriate or harmful behavior around your child
  • Suspecting parent is leaving children in the vehicle unattended

If your case involves anything on that list, having cold, hard proof of your suspicions will help and potentially win you your custody case. On the other side, having proof that those things aren’t going on during the other parent’s time truly can bring you some peace of mind knowing your kids are safe; and possibly help both you, and the other parent come to a parenting plan agreement that you both can live with but that can be in the best interest of your kids.

For more information or to talk to a Private Investigator give us a call 615-424-0952. We service Murfreesboro, Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville, Nolensville, Hendersonville and everywhere in between. We look forward to speaking with you regarding your case and how we can help your family.