Dealing with an unfaithful spouse or one who manipulates, hides money and assets and is untruthful is a very frustrating situation to find yourself in. Many times you know something is going on, be that intuition or a gut feeling either way neither has no factual proof that something is going on. If you believe your spouse is hiding something, hiring a private investigator could be your next step.

The first step when considering hiring a private investigator is to do your research. Tennessee requires private investigators to have a license, which ensures they’ll abide by laws and maintain a certain professional standard. At Rhino we are fully licensed, insured and operates at the highest standard of professionalism. We believe the reputation of the Private Investigator matters most, so reading reviews, both good and bad is a great way to determine whether a company is a good fit for you or not. We have reviews both on google and facebook. You can also read some more about us on our testimony page.

There are three main reasons why hiring a private investigator may be helpful in a divorce case. If any of these apply to you and your situation, give us a call and we can help explain more about what we can do for you to help your divorce case.

Find Hidden Money. Private Investigators tend to be the most help when it comes to finding hidden money and assets. The databases and techniques we have for discovering this help us to be able to provide proof of hidden funds. Using surveillance we can also follow a person for an extended amount of time, in many cases leads us to hidden bank accounts, storage facilities or even other identities that a person may be using to deceive you.

Infidelity. Probably the most common reason for a call from a spouse. The suspicion of infidelity can tear a person apart and often times when we receive infidelity cases, the peace of mind we can bring to the other spouse one way or another is worth the time, effort and money. Infidelity surveillance and reports can also be used in the divorce, especially in cases where a prenuptial agreement contains an adultery clause. Infidelity can also be useful in divorce cases in Tennessee for other legal reasons, it’s important to talk to your Tennessee divorce lawyer on the specific laws and ways to use infidelity in your divorce case.

Child Custody/ Character Evidence. Divorce is hard and divorce with kids is even harder. A private investigator may be useful for you to prove the other parent is unfit. PI’s can uncover evidence of drug use, alcohol abuse, neglect, abuse, and other dangerous behaviors.

Our clients find such peace of mind when knowing either their suspicions are confirmed or denied. Our evidence also gives them a good perspective and idea on what to expect going into a divorce and how to handle their custody situation. If you’re just considering divorce, a concerned spouse or ready to take action, give us a call and talk to one of our professional private investigators and see how we can help you. We service all of Middle Tennessee from Murfreesboro, Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville and everywhere in between. We understand how tough this is and will be there every step of the way. For more information or to talk to a Private Investigator give us a call 615-424-0952.