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Domestic Investigations

Domestic investigations are usually personal and the most painful in nature. The embarrassment, anxiety, anger, and betrayal can be devastating.  Hiring a licensed private investigator can minimize the potential for conflict and emotional involvement to give you the piece of mind you need.

We are a non-biased third-party witness to the situation. We also have experience with the court systems and understand state laws. The video evidence we gather for you, whether personal or legal, will keep you in compliance with those laws.

Our committed team of surveillance professionals are accessible 24/7 and phone consultations are free.  

We offer professional private investigation services across Middle Tennessee, including Murfreesboro, Nashville, Columbia, Franklin, Brentwood, Hendersonville, Mount Juliet, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Memphis, and all the surrounding areas.

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Child Custody

Custody cases are often an emotional nightmare. The emotional toll on you and sometimes even your children is gut-wrenching. We conduct discreet, ethical, and professional investigations into the welfare of your child. We love helping responsible parents and grandparents get the help and evidence they need to protect children. Using a professional private investigator is a safe and legal way to check on the care and safety of your child. So, if you suspect the other parent is unfit, we can potentially discover hard and objective evidence to prove your allegations to the authorities and court system.

Often in child custody cases children end up becoming the main source of information for one parent/guardian or the other. This can take an emotional and mental toll on your child. With us taking care of the investigation, you dont have to worry about asking your child questions that may confuse or upset them. Child custody cases sometimes have physically and/or emotionally volatile possibilities which is why we operate with such discretion so that both you and your child are protected. We work to find out the truth with reliable and admissible court evidence.

All cases are different, but sometimes we use surveillance to determine what is happening in the life of the child at the hands of or by neglect of the other parent/guardian. We are careful to properly document any incidents of abuse or neglect that we witness through photos, videos, and even audio recordings. Where possible or necessary we may question potential witnesses.

We look for activities that negatively affect the child. These include, but are not limited to, alcohol or drug abuse, gambling, reckless driving, clean living spaces, safety and wellbeing, and even emotional support. As licensed and insured private investigators, the safety of children is a priority, even including testifying in court on behalf of you and your child if needed.

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Are you concerned that your partner or spouse is cheating on you? People often ask us, “Is tracking my spouse legal?” or “How can I prove my spouse is cheating?” Perhaps you are certain it is happening, but you need proof. Trying to make these discoveries on your own can be tricky. The answers to your questions and desire for proof can vary according to your circumstances as well as local and federal privacy laws. Using Rhino Surveillance ensures that your inquiry is legal and even admissible in a court of law if necessary.

Hiring a private investigator to confirm or disprove infidelity can make a big difference. We can find more information in much less time and our evidence carries much more weight in a court of law.

You may live out of state, but suspect your spouse is having an affair while on business trips to this area of Middle Tennessee. We definitely understand the sensitive nature of infidelity and verifying it. Consultations are free and we respect your privacy. So, you can choose to meet us at our office or even yours, a restaurant, and even through telephone or video chat. We have worked with just about every situation and are experienced in conducting investigations with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

If your concerns about your spouse are causing stress and even affecting your relationship, give us a call or send us a message.

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Background Checks

There are several reasons for anonymous background checks. Do you need to look into a new daycare? Perhaps you want a background check for child custody? Maybe you’re curious about a future business partner or tenant? You may have found yourself in a new dating situation or you might want to investigate a partner that the other parent is exposing to your children. Or you may simply need to check on a potential employee.

That’s because we do our due diligence. Not only do we check national databases, but we look into county records from where the person has lived. Checking a national database will not reveal any local criminal records. So, we make sure to cover all our bases so that you can be confident to move forward.

Jon’s work not only gave me invaluable evidence in my divorce case, but most importantly, the peace of mind that comes with knowing. Jon is a great guy who does whatever it takes to give his clients the closure they need.


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You may need to prove co-habitation. This is a situation where two people are living together in a sexually intimate relationship, but are not legally married. So, for example, you may suspect your ex-spouse is being supported by a new partner and simply collecting your alimony checks. In some situations, proving co-habitation will constitute an immediate termination or reduction of alimony payments. Your children may be informing you that someone else is living with them despite court mandates that prevent co-habitation outside of marriage. Having evidence of this can potentially result in immediate changes to custody.

To prove co-habitation, Rhino surveillance identifies:

  • The duration of the co-habitation
  • The seriousness of the relationship

Usually, the standard procedure for making these determinations is done through:

  • Surveillance
  • Identifying key individuals
  • Interviewing neighbors or friends
  • Background checks
  • Checking financial assets

The collected information is admissible in court and will help the judge make an equitable decision regarding funds, custody, or any other matters at stake.

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We use stationary and mobile surveillance to follow a subject or claimant.  This is always done discreetly and sometimes involves more than one investigator. When appropriate, we interview persons familiar with the subject, such as coworkers, friends, and family. We also utilize technical surveillance, such as digital photography and video/audio recordings.

There are many reasons to use surveillance, including:

  • Cheating spouse investigations
  • Child custody cases
  • Vandalism
  • Criminal investigations
  • Worker’s compensation cases
  • Missing person searches

Once we get to know you and what you expect from the investigation, we can determine the best ways to gather what is needed. After an extensive background check into the subject, we’ll get to know the area where we will be conducting the investigation. That helps us determine the kind of equipment we’ll need to be most effective. We always prepare a reasonable explanation for being in the area and choose our vehicle and clothing so that nothing stands out. Our documentation process includes taking extensive notes, including dates, times, activities, and other people. This will ensure that you and the court are fully satisfied with the most accurate information available.

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Asset Searches

Investigating assets involves finding and searching through public records to confirm personal property, real estate, and intangible properties. Some divorce and child support cases utilize asset searches to verify financial statements. The goal is to uncover what kinds of assets the subject has and determine the level of asset security.

Using a professional private investigator to conduct asset searches is especially important because much of the discovered information is difficult to find and interpret. A well-trained investigator will help you understand what it means and how to use it effectively.

Common reasons for asset searches include:

  • Divorce cases
  • Personal injury cases
  • Collecting unpaid child support
  • Motor vehicle cases
  • Due diligence compliance

Domestic asset searches often include, but are not limited to helping our clients find:

  • Personal property registration and liens – jets, yachts, luxury cars, fine art
  • Liabilities – judgments, liens, bankruptcy
  • Real and intangible properties
  • Criminal records search
  • Mortgage information
  • Business associations
  • Contracts for future performance
  • Civil records search
  • Financial accounts
  • Federal and state tax liens
  • Missing persons search

Corporate asset searches often include, but are not limited to helping our clients find:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Corporate filings
  • Corporate associates
  • IRS employee benefit information
  • Federal and state tax liens
  • Judgments
  • Real estate and deeds
  • Mortgage information
  • UCC filings

Thanks to Jon’s tireless efforts I now have the peace of mind I have sought for so long. Jon quickly determined the identity of the other woman and he exposed the years of endless lies of my husband in such a manner they never suspected they were under surveillance. I am glad I took action on that nagging feeling I had lived with. If you have the feeling that something is wrong don’t hesitate to give Jon a call. The truth will set you free!



Domestic investigations sometimes require a check-up or activity check. For example, you may need to know if the subject is employed, as well as when and where. If you suspect infidelity, you might need to prove when and with whom it is happening through recorded surveillance, such as videos or photos. The same applies if you suspect drug use. Whatever the situation, we treat our clients with great sensitivity and confidentiality. We also strictly adhere to surveillance laws in case you need to present the evidence in court. Prior to surveilling, we begin by establishing a baseline of activity based on the subject’s lifestyle and profession. From here, we can evaluate their schedule and monitor their activity at work, home, or elsewhere throughout the day and night when necessary. Establishing a baseline makes determining whatever is in question a relatively quick assignment. So, most check-ups with any available recorded surveillance are completed pretty fast.

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Process Serving

Do you need to have papers served? Whether you are private individual or an attorney, Rhino Surveillance manages process serving quickly and professionally. Using us for process serving can be particularly helpful when someone is being uncooperative. It is not uncommon for people to skip town and refuse the papers because they don’t want to be served. We know how to get around that and can use our resources in other places to get the job done legally. When applicable, we are also qualified to file court papers and retrieve documents.